Mechanical metalworking. CNC milling. Vibroabrasive machining.

We provide comprehensive services in the field of metalworking, inspection, segregation and packaging according to customer guidelines.

wibrostal obróbka strumieniowo-ścierna

We are a young, dynamically developing company, operating on the metal market.

Thanks to an efficient and flexible policy of the company, as well as effective actions and professional approach to the customer, we gained the trust of both small companies as well as large enterprises from such a demanding industry as automotive.

We will be happy to serve you.

We offer specialized services of mechanical metalworking:

CNC milling, vibroabrasive machining, polishing, tumbling, deburring, vibration treatment, surface treatment, washing, inspection, segregation according to customer guidelines, packaging, transport.

CNC milling machine. Milling, threading, drilling.

We possess a CNC milling machine adapter for large-series solution, two-pallet unit with automatic pallet exchanger.

We work on customer detail material or design and manufacture it from scratch.

Vibroabrasive machining

A type of surface treatment of metal objects and elements; parts together with an appropriate (abrasive) medium are placed in a circular vibrator, the vibrating drive system moves the abrasive medium and parts, which results in their mutual interactions leading to smoothing, descaling, matting, removal of rust from the workpieces.

Rotoabrasive treatment (Tumbling)

A type of abrasive treatment, where the interaction between the medium and the workpiece surface is caused by the rotational of the drum, resulting in obtaining parts with a smooth surface and high cleanliness.

Blast cleaning

A type of surface treatment, in which the abrasive medium is applied by means of compressed air to the surface to be cleaned, the type of abrasive used and the rate of application influence the final result of the process.

Deburring (Edge deburring)

A process to remove sharp unwanted edges on surfaces resulting from metalworking.


improves the appearance of metal products and increases their quality, produces the mirror effect.

Ultrasound washing

A non-invasive method of removing contaminants to obtain parts with a high degree of cleanness. The ultrasonic transducer powered by a high-frequency current generates vibrations that cause vacuum micro-bubbles to form and disappear, resulting in intensified separation of contaminant particles throughout the fluid volume.

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